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Ride on Metro Today!

Ride on Metro Today!

Where are you going?

Use Google Transit to get where you're going! Google Transit data is accurate & updated to the best of our ability. Detours will not be included on the, so call 330-762-0341 for detour information.

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Your Bus is Here!

METRO's real-time bus tracking system has arrived. Now, you can text to find out when the next bus is leaving from your stop, you can watch your bus moving on a fancy map, you can download the MyStop app or you can sign up for alerts. So many ways to know when your bus is here!

Track Your Bus How-to Video
for your bus route and time, text your bus stop id yb0005 to 321123
Metro Moves You!

METRO transports more than five million passengers annually to work, to school, to medical appointments and to some of the best places in town. Make sure you take advantage of our many different services. METRO is here to help you get where you need to go, however you need to get there.

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Welcome Riders!

Whether you're a first-time transit passenger or a seasoned rider, we've put together some information we hope will make your trip a smooth one. Access our trip planner, system map, and helpful how-to videos. Relax and enjoy your ride.

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