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Every METRO team member is vital to our success. Each individual is a part of a chain reaction and if one team member isn’t in sync, it can impact everyone. We value each individual and their contributions to METRO and to their community. 


Congratulations to this week's The Domino Effect team member!

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sponsored by Domino's Pizza

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A different METRO team member will be recognized weekly on our social media. The featured team member will receive a Domino’s gift certificate as a thank you for being a vital part of the METRO team. Thank you to Domino’s Pizza for sponsoring The Domino Effect and recognizing the impact METRO team members have in our community.

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Participating Domino's Locations:

2970 West Market St.             Fairlawn    330.864.3133

758 West Market St.               Akron         330.382.5700

1324 Vernon Odom Blvd.     Akron         330.539.2333

730 East Market St.                Akron         330.376.2223