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METRO bus driving along a tree-lined road on a sunny day

Riding a METRO bus boils down to three basic steps.

Step 1: Plan your trip.

You can use METRO’s trip planner to find the best route to your destination. You can also give our mobility experts a call at 330-762-0341 and we’ll be happy to help you get where you need to go.

Step 2: Board your bus.

METRO buses at terminal stationAfter you’ve planned your trip and determined when & where to catch your bus, simply show up to your stop five minutes early and wait for your bus to arrive. Please stand a safe distance from the curb. While you wait, use our website to check bus schedules on the go! When your bus arrives, board your bus, insert your fare into the farebox or swipe your farecard, find a seat, and enjoy your trip.

Step 3: Exit the bus.

As the bus approaches your stop, pull the buzzer cord or press the yellow touch tapes near the windows when you are ready to exit. Ask the bus operator for help if you are not sure where to exit. Exit through the rear door when the light turns green and the bus has come to a complete stop.

More Frequency!
Any routes featuring a stopwatch run every 15-minutes during day. Check your schedule for specific times.
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clickable image to pdf schedulesClick this icon for PDF versions of maps & schedules! 

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