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ADA - Who Qualifies?

ADA regulations identify three groups who are eligible:

  • People who, because of their disability, are unable to board, ride or exit an accessible vehicle that is part of the regular service;
  • People with disabilities who are able to use accessible vehicles, but accessible vehicles are not available at the time when it is needed;
  • People who can ride accessible buses, but whose disability prevents them from getting to and from the bus stop.

Eligibility may be permanent or temporary, depending on the disability. Some individuals may be eligible only for certain trips or may qualify only during certain times of the year.

If you’d like to use METRO’s ADA service, you must obtain a METRO ADA Complementary Paratransit Service application by calling 330-376-5353. You and your physician must complete the application in full before it can be reviewed.

METRO has contracted the services of Summa Western Reserve Hospital’s Easy Street to provide functional assessments for individuals with disabilities who are applying for the METRO ADA service. The functional assessment will consist of, but is not limited to: daily tasks; transfer skills; cognitive skills and fine motor skills. The assessment or evaluation is in a non-threatening and relaxed environment. The assessment will determine if you are prevented from using the regular METRO fixed route buses.

Once METRO receives the completed ADA application, we will contact you so you can make the appointment for your functional assessment. There is NO charge for the one-hour functional assessment. METRO will provide transportation to the functional assessment, if requested. After your assessment, METRO will send you a letter of approval or denial. If approved, your certification may be temporary, conditional, seasonal, restricted or permanent. 

An assessment of the customer mobility aid tools may be required. The assessment gives the passenger and METRO bus operators the opportunity to understand the needs of the passenger and their equipment prior to using METRO services.

Once certified, the ADA passenger who is prevented from using regular bus service can use this service, which offers transportation to fixed routes. If you are unfamiliar with the line service routes, you can receive free travel training to help you best utilize the service. All METRO buses are wheelchair accessible and accommodate mobility aids up to 30 inches by 48 inches and a combined weight of 600 pounds when occupied.

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