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How to Schedule a Trip

To schedule a trip on METRO SCAT, you must be a registered passenger with our METRO SCAT service. Once you have been approved, to schedule a trip, call METRO SCAT from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. the day before your desired trip. If you are planning a Monday trip, call the prior Friday for your reservation. When scheduling your trip, please have the following information ready in the order listed:

  1. Have your METRO SCAT ID number ready;
  2. Know your appointment time or the time you would like to be dropped off and when you want to return;
  3. Have the address of where you are going;
  4. Let the customer service representative know if you need special equipment, such as a wheelchair lift. All METRO buses can accommodate mobility devices up to 30 inches wide by 48 inches long and a combined weight of 800 pounds, including the mobility device and the passenger. *Assessment of the customer mobility aid tools may be required. 

METRO SCAT operates within a 30-minute window. Once your METRO SCAT specialist gives you your pick-up time window, the METRO SCAT operator or contract driver will arrive within that 30-minute window.

METRO SCAT is a shared ride service. Drivers cannot wait. If you are scheduling a return trip, you must make arrangements when you schedule your pick-up or call the METRO SCAT Return Trip Line. 

For More Information Call:

METRO SCAT Trip Reservations: 330-376-5353 | 1-877-820-4710

METRO SCAT Return Trips: 330-376-8458 | 1-877-820-4710

Ohio Relay TTY: 1-800-750-0750

METRO Route/Schedule Information: 330-762-0341 | 1-800-227-9905

*Assessment of the customer mobility aid tools may be required. The assessment gives the passenger and METRO bus operators the opportunity to understand the needs of the passenger and their equipment.