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ADA Mobility Aids

I use a wheelchair. Can I use regular fixed-route services?

Of course you can! All METRO SCAT and regular fixed-route buses are equipped with either a ramp or a lift for people who use wheelchairs or mobility aids.

Most types of wheelchairs or mobility aids are accommodated on all METRO buses, provided they fit on the lift platform or boarding ramp. In order for your mobility aid to fit properly on the lift and in the designated area on the bus, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Maximum length: 48 inches
  • Maximum width: 30 inches
  • Maximum weight: 800 pounds

What should I do to make sure I have a safe trip on the bus?

Plan ahead! Know your destination and familiarize yourself with the stops on your route. Experienced passengers who use wheelchairs recommend you:

  • Back on to the wheelchair lift, not drive straight in.
  • Enter and exit the lift area slowly.
  • Always set your brakes when you are on the lift platform.
  • Don’t bump or roll into the outer lift barrier.
  • Once inside the bus, warn other passengers to watch their feet as you roll through.

I have never ridden a fixed-route before. Will the operator help me get on the bus and secure my mobility aid once I’m on the bus?

The bus operator’s job is to assist you! Just make sure the operator knows you would like his or her assistance. After operating the lift/ramp, the bus operator can help you secure your mobility aid.

What happens if the bus lift is not working or if the bus service is interrupted?

Wait for the next regular line service bus or a METRO SCAT bus will be called to pick you up. The operator will let you know of the situation and notify METRO dispatch to send another vehicle.

What should I do if I have more questions or comments?

You may give our Customer Care Department a call at 330-762-0341. Feel free to visit our comment page to send your questions via e-mail.

Some helpful tips to remember when using a wheelchair lift:

  1. Back your chair slowly on to the lift/ramp. Set your hand brakes for your safety.
  2. The bus operator will raise you on the lift to the floor of the bus from the driver’s seat.
  3. Once the bus operator tells you it is safe, move your chair slowly into the securement area. Watch out for other passengers or items on the floor of the bus.
  4. There is a wheel clamp, an “S” hook and a shoulder and lap belt in the securement area. The operator will secure both the clamp and hook for you. All of this equipment accommodates most types of wheelchairs/mobility aids.
  5. There is a personal shoulder and lap belt in the securement area for you to fasten. For your added safety, we suggest the use of this personal lap belt. Let the operator know if you need assistance.
  6. Pull or push the accessible stop signal cord along the wall to let your line-service operator know your stop is coming up. If you are not sure how to locate the stop cord, ask the operator.
  7. To exit the bus, reverse the boarding procedure. Once the ramp is deployed, you may exit the front of the bus, where you entered on the ramp. At ground level, wait for the lift/ramp barriers to lower, look right and left, then exit.

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