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METRO Got a Perfect Score!


Monday, September 24, 2012 3:23:32 PM Categories: METRO News National News

METRO got a perfect score!

In a recent Federal Transit Administration (FTA) review, METRO was found to be free of deficiencies in 24 performance areas examined during the review.

Transit authorities receiving federal funding must undergo a system-wide review every three years. These reviews are done to make sure transit authorities like METRO are following FTA requirements.

“Getting a perfect score on the FTA triennial review is not an easy accomplishment,” said Richard Enty, Metro executive director, “A lot of behind-the-scenes work from Metro staff over multiple years made this possible.”

It’s not often that a transit company reaches this high-water mark.

“Perfect scores are very rare on a triennnial review,” said Dean Harris, Metro director of finance.

The 24 areas the FTA investigates include maintaining buses and equipment, complying with the Americans With Disabilities Act, using American-made steel, iron or other products, preserving a drug-free workplace and offering equal opportunity employment.

High review scores may help to secure the federal funds necessary for METRO’s possible transit expansion over the next 20 years, Enty said.

“The more we prove our services are valuable and needed, the better chance we have at getting grants where the competition is always tough,” Enty said.

METRO’s possible areas of service expansion could include more frequent bus service and additional bus shelters along its busiest Market St. and Arlington Rd. routes. Metro’s 20-year plan also proposes new service into suburban areas in the outlying areas of Summit County.