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Bus Services


Students, faculty and staff of The University of Akron can ride METRO line-service routes for FREE by simply swiping their Zip Card in the farebox, yep, it’s that easy!

NCX Service to CLE

The Northcoast Express is the service that goes to Cleveland. We also refer to it as the NCX service. The fare is $5 each way, unless you purchase a 10-ride ticket for $40. This service is weekday only and runs early morning and late afternoons.

Call a Bus

METRO's curb-to-curb service is here! Just pick up the phone and we’ll pick you up. Then we’ll drop you off at your destination and bring you back. All for just $4 each way.

SCAT Services

SCAT is a weekday origin-to-destination shared ride service for qualified riders. SCAT uses small buses, cabs or line service buses to transport passengers to and from their desired end point.

ADA Services

METRO offers a specialized service complementing regular fixed bus routes. This complementary paratransit service provides transportation for people with disabilities who cannot use line service buses.

RTA Transfers

If you need to head outside of Summit County, METRO can help you link up with other transit systems. In fact, both Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) and Portage Area Regional Transit Authority (PARTA) pull buses into our Transit Center.