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Marshall Preston is an International Competitor!


Friday, May 20, 2011 8:49:36 AM Categories: Events METRO News National News

METRO's own operator, Marshall Preston is competing this weekend in the American Transportation Association's 2011 International Bus Roadeo.

Marshall won top honors at METRO's bus roadeo this past summer. His prize was a ticket to Memphis and a chance to showcase his bus-handling know-how down South.

Are you asking "What's a bus roadeo?" Well, it's a obstacle course designed to test driving skills. In the first test, challengers drive down a narrow path between tennis balls lined up on the asphalt. The goal is to make it through without touching the tennis balls. Next up is a series of winding turns and back-up maneuvers made through tight-set rows of orange traffic cones. To finish out the course, operators gather speed and drive between a gauntlet of blue barrels set apart just wide enough to let the buses pass through.

Sounds pretty tough, huh? Help us cheer Marshall on as he goes for the gold in the Home of the Blues. Go Marshall! :)