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Posted by Molly Becker Thursday, February 03, 2022 7:58:00 PM Categories: Detours Events METRO News Schedule Updates Service Disruptions Transit Center

Friday, February 4, 2022

2:30 p.m. Update

Though the winter storm has passed, METRO routes and services may still be delayed or canceled as clean-up efforts are ongoing throughout the region. METRO continues to do its best to get you where you need to go safely.

  • Some fixed-route trips may be delayed or canceled, or portions of routes may not be serviced. Track your bus in real time at or on the MyStop app.
  • Route #34 Lods Loop will not be serviced due to road conditions.
  • The x61 Northcoast Express route to Cleveland and the DASH are suspended through end of day today. Regular service on these routes will resume on Monday, February 7.
  • Most Demand Response trips are running as scheduled; however, delays may occur in areas that are not readily accessible due to road conditions.
  • The Customer Care window at the Robert K. Pfaff Transit Center will close at 4 pm today, Friday, February 4.

Customers are encouraged to call 330.762.0341 for route information. Your patience is appreciated as METRO’s Customer Care team answers a high number of calls due to service delays.

Thank you to all METRO team members for keeping Summit County moving during these frigid days.

Due to the weather conditions, expect the following possibilities:

  • Fixed-route delays and/or cancellations of routes and times.
  • ADA services will run, but delays are likely.
  • Northcoast Express (NCX) may not be in service, may have significant delays, or missed times.
  • METRO RTA may have to prioritize Demand Response (SCAT) services. This means medically necessary services will be the top priority, as long as safety measures are able to be adhered to during all phases of the trip.
  • If you are using METRO's Demand Response services (SCAT/Call-A-Bus/METRO Connect/FlexRide) the bus operator must be able to access the properties and side streets where pick-up and drop-off locations may be located. If our vehicle is unable to safely access the street, parking lot, or property the trip may be canceled.
  • If you use METRO for any service during this time, please understand your later trips may not be running, could be canceled, or could be running significantly late.

Call 330.762.0341 before you head out and track your bus in real time.

We thank you for your patience and for your attention to these possible disruptions to METRO services. 

Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay connected with METRO on Facebook and Twitter for updates as we move through this extended weather event.