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ALL Chapel Hill Mall Routes Changing


Tuesday, September 13, 2011 1:25:57 PM Categories: METRO News Schedule Updates

Starting 9/25 METRO Buses No Longer Pull onto Chapel Hill Mall Property

Starting Sunday, September 25, METRO buses will no longer pull onto Chapel Hill Mall property. Buses will pick up and drop off passengers on Buchholzer Blvd.

The following routes are affected:

#7 Cuyahoga Falls Ave;
#10 Howard/Portage Trail;
#12Tallmadge Hill;
#19 Eastland;
#23 Portage/Graham;
#34 Cascade Valley/Uhler, and;
x60 Changes start 9/19, see story below for details.

View a map of the changes here.

Timepoints will NOT change. Buses will stay on Buchholzer Blvd. Stops for the #7, #10, #12, #23, & #34 will be on the east side of Buchholzer (mall side); the #19 stops will be on the west side (Rose's side).

The Route #59 Chapel Hill Circulator will continue to pull onto the property.

Please be advised, METRO is currently seeking alternative areas for bus drop off and pick ups and this is an immediate solution to comply with the directive of Chapel Hill Mall to be off the property by October 3rd.

We will notify you as we finalize plans to find a permanent location for METRO buses to drop off and pick up passengers to best meet the needs of our riders and the community we serve.

Thank you for your patience and we will see you on the bus!

X60 Chapel Hill Stop Will Move to Downtown Cuyahoga Falls

METRO is changing the boarding and parking location for the Northcoast Express 60 stop at Chapel Hill mall in response to a direction from Chapel Hill management to remove all but one of our bus routes from mall property.

Beginning the week of Sept. 19, x60 passengers formerly parking at Chapel Hill will now park at the Blue Parking Deck in downtown Cuyahoga Falls.  

The Blue Deck is located on Second St., directly across from the Post Office and Cuyahoga Falls Public Library. Parking at the Blue Deck is free. 

The X60 bound for Cleveland will depart from Second St. at 5:55 and 6:30 a.m. Buses returning from Cleveland will arrive at the new Second St. stop at 9:20 a.m., 6:30 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. 

No other x60 stops will be affected or changed.