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Speaker's Bureau

Are you looking for a speaker for your next meeting, civic organization or classroom? Look no further than your nearest bus stop.

METRO is happy to offer a variety of speakers on an endless number of topics. Basically, we love to speak up if you are willing to listen.

We can wax poetic about METRO’s rich and detailed history right here in Summit County.

We can chat about the latest news on METRO, our services and what we have to offer our passengers and the communities we serve.

METRO also offers training for persons who are looking to ride, but not quite sure what to do. We can train one person or speak to an entire group…we’re pretty flexible.

If you are curious about your environment and the impact public transportation plays in keeping Summit County “greener” just give us a call. After all, METRO is creating so many new and innovative programs that we put the ENVI in environment.

Or, if you would like a tour of our Transit Center or our administrative offices, just give us a holler. Truly, there is nothing better than being on a bus as it gets washed or seeing underneath a 40-foot bus.

Not quite what you had in mind? Just ask and we will tailor a talk to meet your needs. Why? Because we are your bus company and helping you on your ride or with your meeting is what we do.

Need more information? Email us at Our speaker’s bureau is free for any group or organization.